Olfactory workshops: hone your sense of smell

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“Perfume is a living experience”

Because of the world of smells remains a confidential one but some secrets, especially when they are beautiful, must be shared, AB 1882 has made the audacious choice to show you what goes on behind the scenes when creating a perfume. Come on in and try your hand at becoming a master perfume maker!

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Workshop: The perfume maker’s pallet

Assisted by an AB 1882 expert, children will discover the perfume maker’s pallet and create a perfumed painting.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: € 25
Place : Jeanne & Colette
12 rue Jean Jaurès, 44000 NANTES
For children 8 or older
Your painting on a canvas is included

Workshop: 1st degree little perfume maker


In this entertaining and informative workshop, children learn to recognize the main plants used to make perfume, their origins, and their scents.

Duration: 45 minutes

Price: € 15

Place : Jeanne & Colette

12 rue Jean Jaurès, 44000 NANTES

For children 6 and over

A “Little Perfume Maker” diploma is included

Workshop: 2nd degree Little Perfume Maker

“Excuse me Ma’am, but how do you make perfumed body oil?”
Supervised by one of AB 1882’s experts, participants will make their own little perfumed oil roll-on to be applied to pressure points on the body.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: € 28

Place : Jeanne & Colette

12 rue Jean Jaurès, 44000 NANTES

For children 10 and over

Your perfumed oil creation is included

Workshop: Wine & Perfume

From perfume to wine, there’s only one path: that’s elegance.

In an olfactive, gustative and entertaining voyage, guided by our experts, learn how to recognize the characteristic aromas our regional wines have.

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: € 18

Place : Jeanne & Colette

12 rue Jean Jaurès, 44000 NANTES

For those over the age of 18

Co-create olfactory discovery workshops with us


You want to discover sensory worlds, you’re teeming with ideas of activities in the world of perfume, and you’d like to know more.

Turn your desires into our next AB 1882 workshops by blending our expertise with your ideas!

A world of olfactory discoveries

Share the discovery of fragrances, ingredients, odors and all the different stages when creating a perfume. In these workshops our perfumer experts will lead you down this olfactive road and teach you how to design a perfume.

Outside of the realm of perfumeries, our olfactive workshops will teach you to tame and hone your sense of smell and recognize different odors that spark emotions in you. The sense of smell is linked to memory, you thus often relate some souvenirs and feelings to a precise smell. With this sense of smell workshop, you’ll also work with your memory and brain at the same time.