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The compact perfume for babies and children

New – 100% natural – alcohol free – dermatologically tested

The softness of violet and the delicacy of rose petal in a fragrance with addictive notes for the most fragile skins: babies, children, pregnant and nursing women.

Apply your Petit Joli Rien with your hands on your body’s hot spots.

Compact format in an elegant and practical cardboard box.

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The samples

You’re hesitating between our different perfumes ? It can be difficult to choose. To enter one of our olfactory universes, you can order a sample of the one that attracts you the most, or all three. So you can take the time to discover each perfume and then adopt the one that suits you.

My perfume refill

In line with AB1882’s values, we naturally offer refills for each solid perfume. The objective being to reduce the impact of our activity on the environment, we have chosen to avoid producing our boxes in excess. Our products are therefore refillable to allow you to keep the precious case and to replace only the chosen perfume disc.

That way you can change scents just by replacing the disc with another
perfume and test all our fragrances.

My perfume box

Our solid perfumes in their sustainable and responsible metal case: Zamak. Discover our references resulting from the know-how of our master perfumers and our art leatherworker, for the personalization of the case.
The container is inspired by the famous powder cases of yesteryear with a chic and vintage look that combines delicacy and sensuality. They are available in matte or glossy finish according to your taste.

Solid soaps

Like real Marseille soaps, our soaps are not cold saponified but undergo a hot saponification process allowing a perfect control of their conception.

Our soaps are made from a wide range of ingredients of controlled origin, including carefully selected vegetable oils, and are available in three boxes. You can order them by the unit, by two or by three by mixing the fragrances. Made by our master soap makers, they are a great idea for a natural, high-end gift.

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Gift cards AB1882

You didn’t know how to choose among our many exceptional products? Our gift card is the perfect alternative to give free rein to the desires of the person to whom you want to offer it. With a value of €115, this card will allow the person who will receive it to treat herself by ordering a perfume, a soap or a refill.

Our gift cards are sold with three perfume samples so that your loved ones can discover the different possibilities available to them. Christmas, birthday, party … all occasions are good to please your friends and family with AB1882 products.