How do I apply my solid perfume?

Solid perfume is an alcohol-free balm. It melts when applied on the body, thus freeing its delicate fragrance on your skin. I apply it directly with my fingertips on my body’s pulsation points.

I have delicate skin.

AB 1882’s perfumes are alcohol-free and composed of an 85% oil base which nourishes and moisturizes the skin. The remaining 15% of the perfume is made from natural materials. For particularly demanding skin, Joli Rien is hypoallergenic.

Are there any allergens in natural perfumes?

Yes, there are! Allergens are present in nature. Our perfumes have a short formulation to limit the presence of allergens. On our site we communicate the INCI list, in accordance with regulations.

I’m afraid to take the leap to a solid perfume.

Solid perfume has been around for ages. It proposes an art to perfume yourself in a different way, one that is more intimate, more practical, more elegant and more accurate than by vaporization. It thus blends cosmetic ownership and olfactive pleasures. We have samples so you can test this new way of using perfume.

Can I use the refill without the case?

Of course! But you might lose it in your purse or in a pocket!

Can I alternate refills?

Of course! Our case holds all AB 1882’s perfume refills, whatever fragrance. Something that’s really practical when you want to change your perfume according to your mood or activity.

Can I take the case as a carry-on?

No problem! The case and its refills have been designed to travel in carry-on baggage in all airports.

My perfume doesn’t look the same, is that normal?

It is! Our perfumes are natural and do not contain preservatives except for natural Vitamin E. That means they can change color or aspect but that won’t impact the olfactory or cosmetic properties of your perfume. 

How do I insert and withdraw the refill from the case?

To insert the refill, you must open it and put it in the place intended for this purpose in  the case.

To withdraw it, all you have to do is turn the case over and push the refill using a toothpick or a paperclip  that you insert into the hole.

What should I do with the refill when it’s empty?

You can simply recycle it.

How long does your solid perfume last?

That depends on how much you use it of course, but generally speaking, a refill lasts from 4 to 6 months.

Is the leather traceable?

With our environmentally friendly approach, we source our leather in Cholet in idle inventory that name brands have. We consequently cannot ensure where of all our leather comes from and cannot guarantee that you will find this same leather in a different order, but that is also what makes each collection unique.

Where does the leather come from?

We use cattle or sheep leather that comes from the slaughterhouses.

How should I take care of my perfume case?

Made from Zamak, our cases are sustainable. We’d advise you to clean your case regularly with a cloth to polish it and make it shiny. Please store it in its holder and make sure the case is not in contact with water or alcohol or any abrasive products.

I’m not satisfied with my order.

Customer satisfaction is one of our priorities. Could you explain why? The best thing to do is to contact us by email or using the form so we can understand what went wrong and satisfy you.

I’d like to sell your products.

Contact us using the form or by email so we can get to know you.

I’d like to gift your perfume.

What a great idea!

Either you choose it and the person who receives it has 15 days to change the perfume if they don’t like the one you chose. All you have to do is contact us with your name and order number. We’ll take care of everything else.

Or you can contact us using the form for a personalized gift certificate that we’ll send to the person of your choice.

Where can I find you?

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How do you manage our personal data?

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What are your General Terms and Conditions of Sale?

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