AB1882 : Solid perfume, alcohol free perfume


The unexpected! You board Narciris as if you were boarding for a trip to an unknown venue. Guaranteed sensory emotions, Narciris enjoys a rich olfactive universe, one that is opulent and impertinent while audaciously revamping the royal and sacred Iris. A carnal, warm and hypnotic matter, one that is unprecedented, elegant and resolutely unisex.

Made from carefully selected raw materials, Narciris is composed of Iris Palida, orange tree, neroli from Morocco, saffron from Cashmere, santal from Australia, green vanilla from Madagascar, myrrh and incense from Somalia and benzoin from Sumatra. A round the world tour of precious vegetal oils and fragrances.

Parfum narciris
Parfum jardin bleu

Jardin Bleu

Women, their souls in a secret world, elusive, both sensual and demure at the same time. You enter Jardin Bleu’s olfactive universe at sunset, with curiosity, with a dream of eternity.

This solid perfume is made from unique and luxurious fragrances. From Centifolia roses and Egyptian jasmine, patchouli from Aceh in Indonesia, blackcurrant buds in France, and bergamot from Calabria. Jardin Bleu contains fragrances from all over the world and its assemblage has 96% of natural origins.

Joli Rien

In harmony, Joli Rien offers a tender, reassuring and enveloping olfactory journey. Memories of innocence, an ode to carefreeness, its addictive notes, a little regressive, call for a bite out of life as it begins to kiss. The “Madeleine de Proust” effect is guaranteed!

Joli rien was a real challenge for our master perfumer Sarah. Based on a set of isolates, which are molecules of chosen plants that have been isolated, this ecological perfume is a gem of know-how. A concentrate of expertise in perfume making.

parfum joli rien

Alcohol-free perfumes that are good for your body

Our team constantly strives to create healthy, natural and environmentally responsible products based on the age-old know-how of our company and produces solid perfumes after a lengthy reflection and trials.

Our products are thus all made in France using ingredients sourced from carefully selected partners. We pay special attention to our carbon footprint in line with the environmentally friendly global overview that guides us. We always make sure they do not travel for long distances.

Moreover, our perfume company has made the choice to produce “soft perfumes,” meaning alcohol-free perfumes, always guided by this ecological vision but also because they are good for your skin.

Anyone can use our perfumes, throughout the day, and for us it was extremely important that they be composed of natural elements. Our references thus have between 96% and 100% of natural materials. For example, our Joli Rien is 100% natural and is consequently allergen-free and CMR-free, meaning it has no cancerogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic (toxic for reproduction) agents.

This element is at the heart of our reflections. As people apply our perfumes directly on the warm spots of their skin, such as their wrists, neck, or nape, we must propose products that are healthy.

Perfume gems, between luxury and nature

Sold in their Zamak cases and personalized in our facility by Catherine, our leather artist, our perfumes are a mixture of elegance and simplicity.

You can begin our voyage with us by using one of our samples. That allows you to discover each of our solid perfumes before deciding to purchase the one that best matches your personality. And when it’s gone, don’t worry, each of our products is refillable. Keep the case, personalized or not, and just purchase its refill.

These are thus perfect gifts between luxury and respect of the environment and nature, in the great tradition of up-market and top-quality perfumes. All that’s left to do is to order your favorite reference.