Our soaps

Natural and ecological soap, our selection of soaps

The soaps our perfume-makers produce have a soul! Both their foam and delicate fragrance whisper the successful alliance of our history with today’s cosmetic exigencies.

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What the soap maker says

“Alexis Biette’s story is a typical example of these perfumeries that combine their destinies with soap making just like an artist mixes creative genius with technical prowess.”

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Marie, Soap maker

Perfume maker’s soaps

« Soap is to your body what laughter is to your soul! »

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A Yiddish proverb

With a ritual of self-reconnection, each application caress gives you an instant of an intimate sensory relationship. The senses of touch, smell, view all light up for a moment of pure hedonism.

Nicolas and Marie, our Master Soap Makers who live in Vendée, make our soaps by hand. They are produced in a limited series in compliance with demanding specifications to limit the production of idle stock.

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Making artisanal soap

Our perfumed soaps are hot-process saponified using Alexis Biette’s recipe written in 1882. This ancestral method is the only one that allows us to perfectly control the saponification process, add ingredients that are good for your skin and that are not altered when heated, as well as the quality of the fragrances and how long they last.

Located in Vendée, our soap production facilities are human sized, and we locally source our raw material. Marie, Magalie, and Nicolas, work with the surrounding farms to add donkey and goal milk to our soaps.

Our soap is made from carefully selected vegetal oils which all have different advantages for your skin. Made without palm oil, they are also rich in donkey milk, goat milk or honey. All of this is from Vendée according to our recipes to bring you skin care products, hydration, pleasure and sensory experiences.
Our short formulations guarantee the traceability of our ingredients, their origins and their properties. You can consult the list of our ingredients in our shops. Find our ingredient lists in store.

An artisanal soap gift box

A gift box of our solid soaps is always appreciated! For an event, for a surprise or just because, our natural perfumed soaps will be a highlight in your bathroom.

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In our online boutique, you can buy individual bars of soap or compose your own gift box of one to three bars. Mix or match according to your tastes.

Without any chemicals and made nearly exclusively from natural elements, our soaps contain many essential oils and vegetal butters (such as coconut oil or olive oil for example) for a high-quality product that is good for your body.

Moreover, solid soaps have numerous advantages. Contrary to liquid soaps, they are bacteriostatic. That means that they halt the proliferation of bacteria, an advantage when compared with liquid shower gels.

Lastly, our soaps represent zero waste because of their recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging.

Natural soap that is good for your body

Because of their composition, our soaps are perfectly adapted to all types of skins, even the most sensitive ones.

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We know that choosing a good soap to wash your hands and body is important. We are now more and more concerned about the composition of products we use. Quite naturally, AB 1882 believes in the importance of respecting both our skin and our environment and strives to conciliate the pleasure of bathing with respect for your skin.

What is the difference with a Savon de Marseille?

Savon de Marseille (Marseille soap) uses a natural saponification process that consists in heating oils to ensure rapid and safe saponification (no sodium hydroxide). This is the process soap and perfume makers use, and as opposed to cold saponification, this recipe does not affect fragrances.

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Our fabrication process is based on the ancestral recipe that Alexis Biette invented in 1882.

We do not use any palm oil and some of our vegetal bases are enriched with organic donkey milk or honey from local farms.