Our commitments

Our commitments

What makes a company a great one is the way it unites people, and the only true luxury is human relationships.

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Our commitments in action

Raw material that is carefully selected and ethically sourced. Our alcohol-free and water-free fragrances give you compact perfumes which limit their impact on the environment. Perfumes composed of 96 to 100% of natural raw material. Refillable and recyclable cases. Our perfumes are designed and made in France. Short channels. Valuing local resources. No one-use packaging except for our samples.

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A Company with a Mission

AB 1882 is a company with a mission, the second largest one in the west of France in the field of natural perfumeries after the pioneer group, Yves Rocher. Our goal is to reconcile luxury goods and environmental responsibility.

We publicly affirm that our know-how is useful for the entire society and in particular Nantes and its region.

We declare our existence through human and environmental commitments in a sector that needs to be forced to be virtuous. We have included our commitments in our articles of association and our company is regularly audited to ensure they are being applied. Our committee constantly checks this, monitoring our continuous improvement.

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Transparency. Haute parfumerie is too often mysterious. We believe that consumers have the right to understand the way we work, our approach, and the ingredients in our perfumes.

Equal opportunities. Haute parfumerie is too often elitist. We believe in equal opportunities and that it is always beneficial to give rather than to receive. We hire potential talents who we trust so that they will be able to play a greater role in our company in the future.

Transmission. For us it is important to transmit our profession, our know-how, our passion and our convictions. To achieve this we carry out transmission and educational actions in a partnership with schools in the west of France, as well as organizing events.

Collective. We believe in collective strength and participative management. Because though you go faster by yourself, you go further with others, we want each person who is committed to AB 1882 to take part in our decisions for the future of our company.

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Long term! We believe that the only way to reduce our carbon footprint is to produce only what is needed. Our products are all designed in a sustainable way and we strive to find solutions that match today’s lifestyles while preserving the planet for tomorrow. We produce in limited series so we will not have any excess stock.

Virtue! The sourcing of our raw materials, the way they are harvested, and how their molecules are extracted ensure that our entire production is virtuous. Our partners are all carefully vetted and selected.

Safe and clean! We want our raw materials to be good for people and the environment. We prefer to use natural raw materials in our perfumes provided that harvesting them does not endanger their survival or the balance of the biotope. We seek to maintain environmental stability by preferring green chemistry when it guarantees either health for humans or maintains faunistic and floristic balance.

Forget us! We sincerely do everything possible to limit our carbon footprint. Our alcohol-free and water-free perfumes are light and compact, our packaging contains sustainable material and is energy-efficient. When we must travel through France, we work with carriers who share the same approach as we do and source and produce locally to limit transportation.

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Everything is a question of scale! For us, proximity is a sign of confidence. We apply the fishbowl method with our partners and promote French know-how.

The right price! We make sure our price is right, one that allows us to valorize work done while satisfying the consumers’ pocketbooks. We want to aim for sales practices that are fair and balanced in a sector that needs to be forced to become more virtuous. Consequently our communication actions take place only when necessary.

Our ambition, (re)locating! Our ambition is to generate a local and circular economy with our haute parfumerie and once again, to prove how proud we all are of living in Nantes. We love our ecosystem and hope to give added value to it with our perfumes.

Today’s mission, tomorrow’s ambitions. Reconciliating luxury goods and environmental responsibility is just the starting point for us and tells others that our actions must equal our verbal commitments. Our long-term ambition is to relocate the entire perfume process in Nantes. This is what is planned:

– The creation and opening of a perfume laboratory that would be open to independent perfume makers to facilitate and encourage their activity in the west of France and give rise to new local and natural perfumes.

– Use of natural and local raw materials. Assisted by Stéphane Piquart, our raw material sourcing agent, we carry our research and development actions that valorize the extraction and use of local natural raw materials in our perfumes.

Alexis and his children in Nantes

Today, AB 1882 is officially registered as the second Company with a Mission in the west of France in the domain of natural perfumes. Our goal is clear: reconciliation of luxury goods and environmental responsibility. Thus beyond the renaissance of family and local know-how, AB 1882’s mission is to reinvent up-market perfumes by relocating the entire process locally. To achieve this, we are basing ourselves on AB 1882’s history to foster conscious and elegant dynamics in French haute parfumerie.

We want to produce a solid skin perfume, one that is nomad and alcohol-free, our specificity, as well as the guarantee of an authentic and sophisticated perfume.

We are currently carrying out research with Stéphane Piquart in and around Nantes where we are performing extraction trials on native plants that were selected for their cosmetic or olfactory properties. Our goal is to use these plants in our future perfume products.

To reach this goal, we are federating the cream of French know-how in perfumes and their production process. Our perfumes and their cases are thus the sum of multiple and united talents, hard-working people who all love beauty, and are motivated and patient for AB 1882’s renaissance. Each day, artists and artisans design and manufacture our perfumes and their cases to fulfil the expectations of today’s men and women.

In a nutshell

Our mission: beauty and sincere commitment. What all of our choices have in common is to promote beauty, to be good and fair, both for us and for the planet. Our ecosystem is constantly changing to reach these goals.