Unexpected! You board Narciris as if you were boarding for a trip to an unknown venue. Guaranteed sensory emotions, Narciris enjoys a rich olfactive universe, one that is opulent and impertinent while audaciously revamping the royal and sacred Iris. A carnal, warm and hypnotic matter, one that is unprecedented, elegant and resolutely unisex.

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What the perfume maker has to say

“Narciris includes the most elegant fragrances: Iris, an extremely sophisticated fragrance with its slightly powdered and dry notes softened by orange blossoms and green vanilla, the warmth of sandalwood, the mysterious notes of myrrh and a slight touch of saffron highlighted by blond leather suede for its elegance.”

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Sarah, Perfumer

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My perfumed gesture

My perfume touch up, intimate, elegant, where I want and when I want! I delicately slide the perfume over my skin with my fingertips in places where I can feel my heartbeat: my wrists, neck and temple.

With a ritual of self-reconnection, each application caress gives you an instant of an intimate sensory relationship. The senses of touch, smell, view all light up for a moment of pure hedonism.

Alcohol-free ! My solid perfume is made from natural oils that nourish my skin each time I apply it. Both a perfume and a soothing balm, each application is adapted to even the most fragile of skins without risks of causing sunspots.

Water-free and alcohol-free ! Our compact solid perfume is light and easy to bring anywhere and everywhere. On a plane, in a boat, train or car, in my pocket, my purse or carry-on, my perfume case follows me all over and is my best feminine ally.

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Haute parfumerie

We do hope that our audaciousness of today will become tomorrow’s standard by creating esthetic perfumes made from rare raw materials and unexpected blends and assemblages.

My solid perfume was imagined by Sarah, formulated by Carol, and assessed by Marielle. It contains high-quality raw material ethically sourced by Stéphane and extracted carefully by Rémi. My perfume is protected by a refill that Benoît and Hugues made and by a case that Catherine personalized. My solid perfume is the sum of all these talents that were chosen for their ethical commitments: perfumers, a sourcing agent, a formulator, artistic artisans. In a nutshell, my solid perfume embodies French excellence.

My solid perfume has a 15% concentration. The raw material it contains is called “great vintage,” meaning it can’t be found elsewhere. Iris Pallida, Orange tree, Neroli from Morocco, Safran from Cashmere, Green Vanilla from Madagascar, Myrrh and Incense from Somalia, Benzoin from Sumatra.

When assembled, my Narciris is a 96% natural perfume.

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Highly desirable

Highly desirable and environmentally friendly! From the perfume to its innovative and sustainable case, AB 1882 makes sustainable development desirable. Environmental awareness, of course! But with elegance.

Elegant, unique, sustainable, practical. Its ergonomic format makes it easy to manipulate and carry. Made from Zamak, a sustainable and responsible metal, it protects my perfume refill. Inspired by powder compacts, a tad vintage and terribly feminine, you modestly take this must-have out of your pocket to touch up your perfume with delicate sensuality. Unique! We finetune each case in our workshops according to your choice: color of the leather, mat or brilliant Zamak, marked with my initials or the initials of the person who will receive it.

Want to change your perfume according to what mood you’re in? My refill contains 7 grams of perfume, the equivalent of a 50ml bottle. I slip it into my case and change perfumes when I want to. Made from aluminum and steel, my refill is 100% recyclable.

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