Elegance & Conscience

« The only real trip, the only fountain of youth, would be to have new eyes, not to travel to new places. »

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Marcel Proust

We are totally convinced that Beauty must hold a key spot in our daily lives, which is why we have created perfumes that embody our values. Their natural ingredients comply with very strict quality criteria, and we have carefully selected our suppliers to ensure that all our products are made in France. This never-ending quest for improvement and dialog, one where stringent requirements exalt sophistication, is our affirmed ambition.

Full of dreams and helping you escape from the daily grind, our perfumes affirm an art of perfuming yourself differently, drawing their strength from the poetry surrounding them. Far from instant gratification, they take time to illuminate your life making each application caress a tender escape. Our perfumes are an advocacy for a more incarnate world, one where a reconnection with our senses is at the center of our concerns.

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Experience & Spirit

« The greatness of a profession is above all to unite people; there is only one true luxury and that is human relations »

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Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Exalting the present moment, AB 1882 revindicates a cultural and intellectual approach based on the wealth of its heritage to reinvent haute parfumerie. Our historical and family know-how is a springboard to boost the future of French haute parfumerie that makes solid, nomad, and alcohol-free skin perfume our identity and the future of authentic and sophisticated perfume. This is why we only source beautiful and ethical ingredients in our compositions. Our product ranges and communication are designed to limit our environmental footprint as much as possible.

Beyond our local and environmental engagement, our approach aims to reconciliate luxury with environmental responsibility. This is why we have a competent multidisciplinary team that is convinced of the same necessities and proves this in the field. Born from these alliances, our perfumes whisper out to you that you are beautiful because you are alive, and we are giving you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Feel your warm, mobile and nearly throbbing skin beneath your fingertips, rub the fragrance onto your skin as a sign of reconnection and seduction, let yourself be enveloped in our moving and reassuring essences and never forget to slip this little case of immortality into your pocket or purse.

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Animality & Vitality

« What you know doesn’t belong to you »

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Marcel Proust

Born from the alliance between two women who love the French way of life, our perfumes also reflect a historical and family-based heritage, with discussions, time and meetings that have given them their souls. Stemming from a rich and lively universe, they bring noble carelessness back to those who cherish their moments of intimacy and souvenirs. They also offer a carnal reconnection, a second identity of their own, one that you experience in an eminently enjoyable and thrilling present.

This instance of evidence exalts your senses, and in particular, one of the most primary ones: your sense of smell. When you open the case, the fragrances come out, fill the space, sooth your soul. We were striving here to touch your reptilian brain, the one driven by instinct. This consideration of animality as a stake in our humanity is the first step towards a return to the essence of our link with nature. Our perfumes thus have their own identity, and their principal goal is to sublimate yours.

Mystery & Seduction

« The most beautiful feeling in the world is the sense of mystery. Those who have never experienced this emotion are living with closed eyes »

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Albert Einstein

Nothing attracts us more than a mystery, one that at first sight, we can’t solve. Though we are transparent on the composition of our perfumes, we keep the dosage of our ingredients a secret. Imagined as worlds, each of our fragrances is an invitation to self-discovery. Thus, what makes up the alchemy of our mixtures is an impenetrable assembly that is both exciting and enigmatic. At each discovery, the pleasure of breathing in this perfume is multiplied by the determination to understand and penetrate it.

On the other hand, because our perfume is solid, it gives the person using it a subtle control of their space and intimacy. That means that only those you allow to approach you can access it. It confers a fragile emotion born from elegance and sophistication that only a skin perfume can give to the person wearing it.