Joli Rien

Joli Rien

A harmonious fragrance, Joli Rien gives you a tender, reassuring and enveloping olfactive experience. Memories of innocence, an ode to carefreeness, its addictive notes, a little regressive so sweety, call to crunch the life which starts with full kisses. Madeleine de Proust” effect guaranteed.

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A word from the perfumer

“A soft, comfortable, powdery note with a juicy start of pear, a fresh floral bouquet of neroli, fresh rose and violet, intermingled with hints of raspberry and peach on an enveloping base of vanilla, patchouli and cedar.”

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Sarah, Perfumer

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My perfumed gesture

My perfume touch-up, intimate, elegant, where I want, when I want! With the tips of my fingers, slider my perfume on my skin where I feel my heart beating: wrists, neck, temples.

With a ritual of self-reconnection, each application caress gives you an instant of an intimate sensory relationship. The senses of touch, smell, view all light up for a moment of pure hedonism.

Without alcohol! My solid perfume is made of natural oils that nourish my skin with each application. Perfume and balm, its application is adapted to the most fragile skins without risk of sun spots.

Without water! The compact size of the solid perfume makes it light and convenient to carry. On a plane, on a boat, on a train, in a car, in my pocket, my handbag or in my hand luggage, my perfume case follows me everywhere and becomes my best feminine ally.

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High perfumery

We hope that our audacity today will become the classic of tomorrow by creating aesthetic and signature perfumes through the selection of rare raw materials and the unexpectedness of their blends.

My solid perfume was imagined by Sarah, formulated by Carole, evaluated by Marielle. It contains the finest raw materials ethically sourced by Stéphane and cleanly extracted by Rémi. My perfume is protected by a refill that Benoît and Hugues made and a case that Catherine personalized. My solid perfume is the sum of all these talents selected for their ethical commitments: perfumer, source, formulator, craftsman. In short, my solid perfume is French excellence.

My solid perfume is 15% concentrated. Joli Rien is a challenge in itself! Sarah, a perfumer for the house, worked with an extremely limited portfolio of raw materials. These materials are called isolates, which means that they are molecules isolated from the plant. In final assembly, my Pretty Nothing is a 100% natural fragrance, CMR-free and allergen-free.

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Highly desirable

Highly desirable and eco-responsible! From the perfume to its innovative and sustainable packaging, AB 1882 makes sustainable development desirable. Awareness yes! But with elegance.

Elegant, unique, durable, practical. Its ergonomic format makes it easy to handle and carry. Made of Zamak, a sustainable and responsible material, it protects my perfume refill. Inspired by the poudriers, a bit vintage and terribly feminine, it is the must-have to take out of your pocket for a delicate and sensual perfume touch-up. Unique! Each case is finished in our workshop according to your choice: color of the leather, matte or shiny zamak finish, marked or not with my initials or the initials of the person to whom I intend this case.

Want to change my perfume according to my mood? My refill contains 7 gr of perfume, the equivalent of a 50 ml bottle. I put it in my box and change it according to my desires. Made of aluminum and steel, my refill is 100% recyclable.

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