AB 1882’s ecosystem

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Authentic and mysterious

AB 1882 opened its facility south of Nantes, in the Grand Lieu region bordering the largest lake in a plain in France, where we stayed for two years.

In this untamed and preserved ecosystem, right next to a large dynamic and innovative city, was where we found the inspiration to create our natural and solid perfumes.

Before us, Grand Lieu had inspired the famous perfume maker, Jean-Paul Guerlain, where spent his vacations and he subsequently bequeathed his property and villa to the French State with the rider that they would be obligated to preserve its flora and fauna.

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Come and see us

Just like our solid perfumes, this little building sparks mystery and passion. You glance at it, guess what’s in it, look for it and little by little it unveils itself. Nearly 60 years later, we chose to put our suitcases down once again in the place where the whole AB 1882 adventure began!

Walk upstairs in the little building on 10 Rue Voltaire in Nantes to see our showroom and discover our perfumes.

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Children and adults, companies or individuals, everyone is welcome to discover our perfumes in music, hone their sense of smell, or enjoy oenological and perfumed events.

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Our partners

What makes a company a great one is the way it unites people, and the only true luxury is human relationships.

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Our teams, in a partnership with Stéphane Piquart, carry out research to develop local species to be used in our future perfumes… more to come!

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