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Narciris solid perfume

Unexpected! You board Narciris as if you were boarding for a trip to an unknown venue. Guaranteed sensory emotions, Narciris enjoys a rich olfactive universe, one that is opulent and impertinent while audaciously revamping the royal and sacred Iris. A carnal, warm and hypnotic matter, one that is unprecedented, elegant and resolutely unisex. The aromas of this perfume revolve around the Pallida Iris, saffron, santal (wood from the genus Santalum), myrrh, vetiver, green vanilla, and orange blossoms.


Jardin Bleu solid perfume

Women, their souls in a secret world, elusive, both sensual and demure at the same time. You enter Jardin Bleu’s olfactive universe at sunset, with curiosity, with a dream of eternity. This perfume’s olfactory notes include rose, jasmine, fig trees, orange trees, patchouli, incense, and oud.

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Joli Rien solid perfume

A harmonious fragrance, Joli Rien gives you a tender, reassuring and enveloping olfactive experience. Souvenirs of innocence, a tribute to thoughtlessness, its addictive notes that are a tab regressive so sweetly remind you to embrace life, hug and kiss it. A “Proust Madeleine” effect for all.
This perfume mixes nuances of pear, vanilla, raspberry, neroli, violet, peach, and cedar.

Unique & confidential

Our natural perfumes are both silky and solid. A sweet caress puts a delicate emulsion on your skin in an elegant gesture that soon becomes your morning ritual and revolutionizes the universe of fine perfumes.

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Perfume maker’s soaps

Because soap is to your body what laughter is to your soul! Both beautiful and good, you will love our soap for its cosmetics and olfactory qualities. The little extra: they are handmade in Pays de la Loire by our master soap makers. Our solid soaps are manufactured in limited series to avoid long periods of storage. They comply with strict specifications requiring a high level of expertise. Respecting our know-how and the initial recipe that Alexis Biette used back in 1882, our soaps are hot-process saponified to control the fabrication process and obtain high quality products.

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illustration sarah

Our advice when using our perfumes

We’d advise you to apply our perfume by gently stroking it with your fingertips and applying it directly to your wrists, neck or nape.

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Please store them in a cool place. Beautiful luxury items, our products are sold in environmentally friendly metallic cases (Zamak) with customizable finishing touches.
Moreover, for environmental sustainability, all our references have a refill that is available directly on our site.
Lastly, before you take the leap into one of our three universes, give us a try with our samples to discover the perfume that best matches your personality.

Discover our perfume and soap making history

The history of AB 1882 begins with its founder, Alexis Biette, back in 1882 when he acquired a candle-making factory. Quite naturally and logically, his initials plus that year were chosen as the name of his company. The family-owned company diversified its activity little by little by adding a range of soaps and perfumes to its catalogue.
Read moreIn 2020, Marie Giffo, the founder’s great grand-daughter, took over the company and changed its direction. She added a natural dimension, privileging local know-how and craftsmanship in our product range. Her goal was to match changes in customer expectations. Our products became up-market, blending luxury with environmental responsibility. Our soap maker artisan became a perfumer artisan and added solid perfumes to our offer and that is how Narciris, Jardin Bleu, and Joli Rien were born, each one in their own universe and designed following the traditions of French haute parfumerie.

Our commitments

Environmental respect and responsibility are commitments that we follow when developing our products. Outside of raw materials with 96 to 100% of natural origins that are all carefully selected, we make it a priority to source our products locally, valuing local know-how and consequently have a very limited impact on the environment.

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Moreover, we do not have any one-use packaging (except for our samples) and our guideline is to produce refillable and reusable products.
AB 1882 is registered and recognized as a company with a mission in the universe of natural perfumes. After Yves Rocher, our structure is the second largest one in the West of France. With this commitment, our mantra is to combine luxury products with environmental responsibility by locally sourcing our products from the beginning to the end.
The goal here is to highlight our family’s know-how which has been a benchmark for several years now, but also, beyond that, to showcase French craftsmanship in general.

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